Why Do Businesses Need Mobile Applications?

Why Do Businesses Need Mobile Applications?

Over 2 billion people today are using smartphones and the number is constantly increasing. A smartphone has now become a need rather than mere fashion. Analysts believe that our future will be ruled by mobile technology. If that is expected to be true, how do businesses respond to the change in this need of the society?

Organizations today have realized that mobile technology will lead their business forward. They are investing highly in streamlining their processes and making it available to their employees and customers for usage over smartphones. But why?

1. Readily available information



As mobile applications are based on the cloud, it makes information easily accessible to users at any point of time. Rewind a few years back and you were left with desktop based software that only gave you benefits during your presence at work. The cloud has changed this game. Not only does this allow information to be available at your fingertips, it is also accessible at any point of time.

This allows businesses to make key decisions outside working hours, helps in keeping all employees informed, and keeps track of all business-related activities throughout the day. Going to a meeting with a prospect, simply feed in the information on your sales application right after the discussion to avoid any loss of data.

Not limited to staff, mobile applications for customers allows you to keep track of engagement and reach out to people that love your brand. It helps customers access your business at any time from any place. A regular usage of the mobile application by the customers allows you to enhance and reinforce your brand.

2. Better sales and service for customers



Mobile applications allow you to track what aspects of your application are working well and what not through detailed analytics. This data eventually helps you in providing a better solution for your end users to reduce the drop-off rate.

For example, online shopping is a sector that revolutionized how people shop today. Less than a decade ago, people had to find out time to shop and spend hours in doing so. Mobile applications of today allow you to make purchases from a store at any point during the day. In other words, this makes a business accessible to its customers at all times and allows them to share promotions and marketing material right on their smartphone. There is no quicker way to reach your on-the-go customers!

For commercial businesses, it is essential that data of customers is collected and utilized. Response of users on the application allows businesses to understand the actual user journey rather than the hypothesis made during the designing phase.


3. Improving key business processes



As mobile technology is showing its fruits with customers, it is also providing organizations with ways to improve their business processes. For example, it takes around 2-3 working days for a vacation leave application of an employee to get approval from the line managers. Following the traditional way, this would cause the following tasks to be performed:

• Writing a formal e-mail to the HR department
• The HR shall document the request and share it with the HR manager to review
• The HR manager shall inform the line manager about the request
• If the line manager is away from work, the acceptance could take even longer than a week

With all this, an employee is left at point blank with no information about what is causing the delay for this request to be processed. Taking this as an example, an organization can develop a HR management application over mobile, that would make this process as easy as 1, 2, 3… Employees can initiate a request at a click of a button, and the line managers, irrespective of their location, will be notified through an in-app notification and shall be able to process the request immediately.

Similar is the case with other processes, such as sales, marketing, financial, and supply chain. If we make information accessible at all times, and reduce the amount of man work to be done on every task, businesses can save a fortune.




If you are starting your business, its imperative to think around the lines of also developing a mobile application that not only saves time on tasks to perform, but also saves the costs of a firm in the long run. All businesses are exploring the opportunities that come along the presence of a mobile application in the app stores today, and you should too.