How to choose an App Development Company?

How to choose an App Development Company?

Let’s say it’s time to digitize certain processes at your company or maybe you would have a great idea in mind for a project for which you would like to find the team of professionals that understand your needs and goals. Whenever it’s time to find the app development company that most suits you, there are a few key things which you need to consider. In this article, we will be highlighting those few.


1. Reaching out to the sales team


While browsing the internet for potential vendors to work with, you may come across some companies with a great website and portfolio. What leaves you in ambiguity to contact them is assuming that they would charge a lot, or maybe they might not enjoy working with an entrepreneur like you. This is a myth which needs to be unfolded.



It is best to leave a message to the companies you find interesting. This will usually leave you to a surprise how companies work on projects of businesses of all sizes. A few tips when you reach out to companies would be to share minimum information about your need in your first message through their website. Once you get a response from the team, the best practice would be to ask them to share a non-disclosure agreement with you, so that you can discuss your idea completely with them without fearing that it might get stolen, if you are trying to introduce a game changer in the market.


2. Getting to know the company

Websites highlight the success stories of companies and are designed to impress the visitors. If you are considering to work with an app development company, some extra home work is required.



While discussing your project with such a firm, consider going through their portfolio and asking them for permission to reach out to the account manager of that firm who was leading the project. This would help you establish a greater confidence on the app development company as their client will be telling you the real picture, such as the project delivery, timeline, quality, and the development process. Not everything is perfect as you see online, and you need to validate your hypothesis around this.


3. Skill set of the team


Technology is constantly changing. With great applications in the market, you need to make sure your app is amazingly designed and has a rock-solid code to compete. A good designed application is nothing without a powerful and robust backend. Getting to know the skills of the team that shall be allocated to your project is, hence, integral.



If you think this would put off the vendor, you’re wrong. As you are the sponsor of the project, it is essential that you ask as many questions you have complete confidence for what you are paying for. A quick tip here would be to leave the same question with around two to three companies you have messaged. Responses from each company will help you improve your supporting questions later for the other. Not only will you grow your knowledge, but it will also help you get a clear understanding of the value of money you are about to invest in.


4. The ability to develop custom applications


If you are looking for an application for your business, it’s understood that you need a custom application for your enterprise. This includes approval cycles, workflows, and user-centered journeys. Not all companies have the skills to develop a completely new application of its kind.


custom apps development

This brings us to another key question to address and be sure about. For example, if you require a sales application, you would have different tiers at your firm, of whom each would have different needs. You will require a system that would automate the traditional approach and digitize it completely, without bringing a change to process itself altogether. This may sound general, but there are many cases where a vendor may develop something that meets ‘almost’ all the requirements and fail to deliver a few, after which you will be pressurized to bring change in your process due to their failure


A good practice here is to discuss your process in detail right before you sign the contract and don’t leave ANYTHING untouched. It’s integral that every bit of the workflow is discussed so that the company understands your needs entirely. Modifications can definitely be done, but because something was never discussed earlier, you wouldn’t want to go into rework and delay the timeline you have committed to your own firm for the delivery of the project. Hence, make sure everything is conveyed and signed off.


In Conclusion


Choosing the right application development company is not easy. It requires weeks of communications to build trust. Make sure you are well covered about the quality of work the company produces, its ability to deliver timely, and how well they are at communication. Projects mainly fail due to lack of good communication, and this is something you can judge while discussing your project before the contract.



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