3 Brilliant Facebook Campaigns To Learn From

You have just launched your brand and would like to reach out to potential customers online. You wonder how this could be possible. After searching over the web for quite some time, you come to realize that your brand needs social presence and an outreach program.

But with so many articles online advising you how to design and run your campaign, you’re left still unsure at the end of the day. What if this does not work well? What if this is just another article posted on the internet?

To have more confidence, it’s never bad to look at what the pros are doing. The world’s leading brands have run several campaigns over the past few years, and for them too, some campaigns have failed while others gave them a huge success.

Learning what worked well and what not for renowned brands will help you learn with actual examples rather than simple suggestions on an article.

This is the reason why we have picked our top 3 Facebook campaigns, so that you can learn what worked really well for them and design your campaign in 2017 accordingly.

1 – Tasty by Buzzfeed

If you love food, this is one of the best initiatives you might have seen in the past few years. Tasty analyzed how videos perform better with Facebook users than images, and they used it brilliantly. The traditional way of learning how to cook was to watch the half-hourly cooking shows on TV or videos on Youtube.

Tasty is now well known because of their short videos preparing mouth watering recipes. They are as fun to watch as it is to prepare them. During their pilot, Tasty was able to create a buzz and attracted over 60 million Facebook fans. Some months ago, Tasty’s Facebook account was the third-biggest video account on Facebook with around 1.7 billion views. With over an average of 2 million views, every video produced by Tasty, is very well received by their fans world-wide.

Gain: Use Facebook’s video functionality to create high quality, short, and engaging content for your audience. Target it to people who would have similar interests.

2 – Emirates “Be There”

Emirates wanted to educate their fans on Facebook about its destinations. For this, they chose the seven most dedicated travelers, their staff, and termed them as their ‘Globalistas’ of the campaign.

A microsite was created for this campaign that would showcase the videos from different social feeds. Every week, a Globalista would visit a destination and share their experience across different social platforms. These videos helped inspire travelers to pursue their passion and visit the different destinations of the Emirates network.

The results were terrific. Over 60 million video views on Facebook and Youtube, and over 50 million impressions on Twitter were achieved.

3 – Qantas “Feels Like Home”

Qantas wanted to target those travelers who weren’t loyal to any airline yet. The whole idea of the Feels Like Home campaign was to connect with people and establish a more emotional connection.

They too opted for video as their medium of communicating with the fans. Ads were run on both web and mobile to reach out to people in Australia who are interested in traveling and those who intend to travel soon.

With Facebook ads, Qantas was able to achieve 7.2 million video views, of which 90% came from mobile devices. Moreover, their campaign resulted in a 3.39% average click through rate!

Check out the video:

Wrapping up

These were our top 3 picks that marketers need to look at for conceptualizing their campaigns. With more than a billion users a month on Facebook, it is one of the most used digital platform for promoting your brand. One thing common we see in the most brilliant Facebook campaigns has been their choice of engaging with the visitors, through video and a microsite. We are looking forward to some exciting Facebook campaigns in the coming months!



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